Full flexibility to go where you want. Learn about the things that interest you!

Don't waste time with generic group tours or biased travel blogs. 

Discover Mexico City's cultural highlights with a personable, knowledgable private guide & luxury transport. 

With a private guide & driver there are no maps, no taxis, & no language problems!

With our advice and support, your tour itinerary is 100% tailored to you!

A tzompantli skull wall. Ask your guide about it!

We know Mexico City really well.
Our job is to help you understand
what is possible with the time you have,
so your itinerary is well paced, deliciously fun,
& unique to you. 

 Eat your way into local culture - food stalls we have personally tried & tested!

We create a magic day based on your wishlist & interests.  
100% achievable, compelling, & balanced.

Off the beaten path gems or major attractions....you choose!

excellent guide la roma walking tour

Javier was most knowledgeable and provided us with the history of the areas we visited as well as introducing us to sights, sounds and tastes of modern life in Mexico City. The tour was a delightful introduction to Mexico City by someone who clearly knows and loves the city.

Karen C, Illinois, USA>>


Our cultural & historic guides are licensed. They love their jobs & are proud to have over18 years of bringing the best of Mexico city to international visitors.

Our Javier, Cesar and Gabriel each have over 20 years experience guiding in Mexico City. They have personality. They are NOT cardboard cut-out guides delivering robot speeches. They know their job is to give you solid information on anything and everything that interests you, be it a random question about why there are so many organ grinders in Centro Histórico, or whether the Aztecs ever met the Mayans, BUT they also know that people don't want to be talked at all day long!  That is to say, the overall flow and feeling of the tour is as important as the number of facts you acquire.

Javier and clients pause for Mexican style hot chocolate.

Our guides understand that giving you the chance to pause, and observe, and absorb are important too. That's why they are on the Stylewalk MX team.
Anyone can churn out facts, but these guys are cool. They are real people, with real lives. They love their city, but they are not in love with the sound of their own voices! They are flexible to YOUR needs. The focus is YOU and YOUR experience. We call it being professional. You would call it relaxing, informative, and fun.

Javier has over twenty years experience as a professional cultural & historic guide. He is up-to-date on new research & discoveries.

Javier Tapia is  our Head of Transport and Cultural Tours. Javier is a professional licensed guide (officially authorised by the Mexican Government) and has been working as a tour guide in his hometown of Mexico City for over 20 years. He has a really great attitude, his tours always have great flow and he is highly respected in the tour community as the Treasurer of the Tourist Guides Union.

When Javier is not on tour, he is found out walking his SIX (!) dogs, or going for a country cruise on one of his luxury Harley Davidsons (yes, like all fanatics,  he collects  them!)>

Cesar has been working as a licensed guide since 2002. He is the master of making any tour flow smoothly.

César Tapia is Javier Tapia's younger brother.  César has been working as a professional licensed guide (officially authorised by the Mexican Government) alongside Javier since 2002.

César is best known for his great sense of humour, his readiness to adapt to any situation, and his deep passion for Mexican history.  When he is not on the job, he loves to take his dog for a walk and, like Javier, he has a definite soft spot for taking his cruiser style motorbikes out for a spin in the country.

professional guide private tours mexico city cultural historic

Our visitors love Gabriel (centre) for his winning combo of personality and knowledge.

Gabriel is regularly asked to take groups on national tours. He is a genuine expert on Mexico itself. When we can get hold of him, we grab the opportunity because Gabriel has incredible charm, he really knows how to relate to different groups of people and his style of sharing history and cultural info is very agreeable.

excellent guide la roma walking tour

We were thoroughly impressed with Cesar's knowledge of Mexican politics, history, and art. He really enriched our visit to Mexico City.

Jackie O,  USA

We know that every minute of your holiday is precious.
Your private guide-driver is dedicated to maximising your day and unlike local drivers, they'll do their very best to keep you out of traffic!

Centro Historico - beautiful nouveau & art deco interiors.

An 8hour tour enables you to safely cruise the food market at lunch time, stop for a beer, or have lunch al fresco at a contemporary MX restaurant.

(* and for those that don't want to rest, they can simply fuel up on espresso and see MORE!)

Religious icons, or football t-shirts - we help you find the quirky things you like.

including the option of Frida Kahlo's Casa Azul (we can help you get skip-the-queue tickets)

excellent guide la roma walking tour

Javier was everything we could have wanted in a guide.

Sandra S, New York,  USA


Be securely guided through the most important channels of Mexican history & culture. Safely and intelligently.

Looking doesn't tell you the full story. Ask your guide!

Don't lose precious time on a taxi or stuck in a group tour visiting places you are not interest in. An 8hour tour is completely tailored to your needs so your guide can help you discover any artistic, cultural, historic, gastronomic, or shopping aspect of Mexico City that you are interested in.  You are in charge and can determine how much you'd like to see in each place.
You will receive seamless hotel pick-up and drop-off, and total continuity between attractions and pause for breathe throughout the day.
Entrance fees aren't included, so you have complete freedom to adjust your schedule as you need to.
Your guide will also help you know where is the best place to eat whether it be an acclaimed restaurant or the king of taco stalls.
Your private tour ends with hotel / air bnb drop-off, so there is flow from beginning to end.

Artisanal  shopping can include ceramics, rugs, embroidered clothing,silverware etc.

When you book this tour
you may, or may not ,
know what you want to see already.
Not a problem!
We work with you to refine an itinerary that matches your interests.

When you book this tour, you may, or may not , know what you want to see with your private guide. Not a problem! We help you work out the finer details of your itinerary in the days/months/weeks leading up to your tour date.

If you don't know what you want to see, we send you some suggestions and then adjust the itinerary according to your feedback. Getting the balance of elements right is important to us. Refining your itinerary is a two-way dialogue. We use our expertise to help you make informed decisions and in turn, your feedback helps us propose itineraries that we know will engage and enthral YOU in terms of YOUR personal outlook/style.

Stopping for a deluxe lunch does not have to take a lot of time!

Having an over-enthusiastic wishlist is a common occurrence with new visitors to the city. We will ask you to either prioritise some of the items on your list, or if there are some non-negotiables, we let you know in advance extend the tour time so you achieve all of it!

One of the reasons, people overestimate what they can do in a day is because they don’t realise the extent to which Mexico City's heavy traffic and urban planning affects transit times. The city is sprawling and there is a lot of traffic, so although attractions may seem relatively close on a map, time-wise travelling from one place to another can represent a major chunk of the day. That's why we are here to advise and guide you in your decisions. If we can see a way of grouping activities in the same part of town we will do this!

Foodies commonly ask us to take them to a traditional market to understand Mexican cooking better.

Our drivers are experts at choosing the best route, and maximising your time, but nonetheless there are physical limits to what can be seen in a day.Because of this, we like to set up realistic client expectations from the outset.The important thing is that we get you to the places that are top of your list, but also to keep the pace pleasant and enjoyable. It's a holiday, not a a tri-athalon!!

Direct from the airport to the UNESCO Xochimilco floating gardens?  Can do!

We do not include museum tickets in our tour prices so that you have maximum flexibility. 

The itinerary tailored to you, so why would we include costs for sites you may not want to go to?

Ummm...why are there so many many organ grinders in Centro Historico? Is this some kind of local music mafia?

You can ask your guide anything!!

excellent guide la roma walking tour

Caesar was a great tour guide, super knowledgeable about each sight and a good sense of humor.

Vera C, Washington, USA >>


The answer is your Meyer Briggs profile. Some people like to see and do more, including eat. Others prefer to be back to freshen up by 4pm.

People that like to have a nap before heading out for dinner usually prefer a 6hour tour. Visitors that like to maximise their day (and the fact that they are already out with their guide) usually opt for an 8hour tour.
This makes sense too, of course. You've travelled all this way, why not squeeze an extra item onto the program before heading back to the hotel? This is especially true when you realise that Mexico City's geography means you can't do four or five attractions in a day....(unless they are 4 or 5 museums sitting in the same block, and you are a roadrunner style tourist who just wants a photo and then you're off!).

The difference between a 6 hour tour and an 8 hour tours is experiencing 2 or 3 sites in the day vs 3 or 4. It's that simple!

Mezcal, mojitos & margaritas....just say the word!

Well then there's the issue of food.

Another very popular reason that people opt for the 8 hour (or 9 or 10 !!) tour, is that they are foodies and at lunch they want to sit down and enjoy the chance to have a really good lunch, in situ, with some of the best food in the world!  They think of their day as a whole experience, so they want stimulation, variety and time to relax in between sites. This is NOT wasted time. They experience a different side of Mexico, gastronomically, they get help and advice with ordering food so it is very relaxing, they have a time to watch people and soak up the foreign ambience, and most importantly, they know that allowing time to sit down will help them recharge their batteries for the remaining part of the tour.

Foodies sometimes ask us to have their guide take them to the local traditional food markets so they can sample of the amazing dishes you find at the extremely popular street-style kiosks. This is logistically possible with an hour tour, and is a commonly request for the 8hour itinerary.

Learn some expert history & cultural bullet-points in a relaxing, approachable way.

Chapultepec Castle - from the era when France tried to declare Mexico as French territory.

Travel safely and smoothly to the only the places that interest you.

A mural by Siqueros, esteemed colleague of Diego Rivera.

And there's no need to blush....shopping is a completely acceptable item to request for your itinerary! Be it a food or artisanal market, we are here to help.

Director, Laura Ainscough, shopping on tour. 

excellent guide la roma walking tour

We did 2 days of tours with Cesar and we had a great time. There were 4 of us on the tour and he fielded all our questions professionally and made us very comfortable right away.

Rush B, Illinois, USA >>


We do not include museum tickets or entrance fees in our tour prices so that you are not locked into any obligations whatsoever.

  • Hotel pick-up* in luxury transport
  • Your private bilingual guide-driver checks in with you about your pre-agreed itinerary and see if you have any new requests.
  • Travel safely and smoothly to the places you selected in the itinerary we co-created with you. Ask Q's, be curious about anything, learn some expert history and culture in an easy-going, approachable way.
  • Ask Q's, be curious about anything, learn some expert history and culture in an easy-going, approachable way.
  • Stop for photos, a coffee break, tacos, a cold beer or a mean margarita on the rocks, whenever you want!
  • Hotel drop-off in luxury transport.

*We don't include food or drink in your tour price so you are not locked into anything prior. Some people like to pause, others like to keep going!

Hotel pick-up & drop-off applies to all main hotel & Air Bnbs in the central neighbourhoods of Roma, Juarez, Cuauhtémoc, Condesa, Polanco, and Centro. If you are outside of these areas, please advise us.

great day in thsi massive city private tour mexico city

Javier was a great guide, super knowledgeable and friendly.It was perfect to be able to customise the itinerary to suit our interests and the tour was a fantastic way to see much of this massive city in a day.

Rachel D, New Zealand >>


We work with you to establish what your personalized itinerary will look like.
Usually there is time for one or two or three (or four!) attractions in an eight hour program.  It all depends on whether they are located in neighboring suburbs or not.

  • UNESCO Xochimilco floating gardens, with Mariachi bands serenading from brightly coloured boats.
  • The lesser known collection of Diego Rivera murals in downtown Centro.
  • Lush & verdant l Dolores Olmedo Hacienda Estate with private Rivera and Kahlo collection
  • A succinct overview of Centro Historico.
  • Visit traditional food markets and try the local food.
  • The home of Pritzker Prize winning architect Luis Barragan.
  • Castillo de Chapultepec- French  Maximilian's home
  • Diego Rivera's studio - by  famous modernist architect Juan O Gorman.

Hotel pick-up & drop-off applies to all main hotel & Air Bnbs in the central neighbourhoods of Roma, Juarez, Cuauhtémoc, Condesa, Polanco, and Centro. If you are outside of these areas, please advise us.

If you need quiet time, a bathroom stop, or  you'd like to compose the perfect Instagram shot, just tell your guide.know!

After you have booked your tour online, we then contact you to work out what is an acheivable, ideal itinerary for you and your set of interests.

great day in thsi massive city private tour mexico city

Even though we completely changed our itinerary at the last minute, Javier played along with our spontaneity and took us to a variety of fun and fascinating areas around the DF, including Coyoacan, San Angel (wow!) and University City. His command of local history and warm personality made it a very special outing.

Greenwich ,Connecticut, USA >>


If this is on your wishlist, we help you to skip the queues!

Frida Kahlo's house (a.k.a Casa Azul Museum) is THE MOST visited attraction in Mexico City. Should you wish to include this site in your 6 or 8 hour itinerary, we do our best to get you in the door faster by offering to pre-purchase your tickets. This enables you and your guide to SKIP the main queue, which is usually a 1-1.5 hour wait!!!!
If you are a very big Frida Kahlo fan, let us know we can include some special items on your itinerary to fully enrich your Frida experience!!

Frida Kahlo casa azul skip queues ticket private tour mexico city


    • Click on the orange booking button.
    • Identify which tour slots are available in our live bookings calendar. These are private tours. When you book a timeslot, the tours is yours and yours alone.
    • Reserve your preferred time/day with our secure online payment gateway.
    • Receive instant confirmation via email.
    • Your itinerary is defined and refined as a two-way dialogue via email or telephone wth Stylewalk MX.
    • You'll receive your guide's mobile number via email and confirmation of your pick up location
    • If you'd like us to pre-purchase your Frida Kahlo Casa Azul tickets in advance (so as to avoid the normal-queues), we can arrange this for you! Let us know!
    • ​The day of your tour, your guide comes to pick you up at your hotel or bnb. Let's go!

    If you need to change the day or time of your tour after booking, just let us know!

    excellent guide la roma walking tour

    Javier was our tour guide for three days ... He was fabuloso. His English is perfect and his knowledge of Mexican history impressive. We learned so much about Mexican culture with our conversations each day. He adjusted the tour to our pace and took care of the many details of visiting museums, restaurants, etc. Most of all he made us feel very safe and comfortable during our visit.

    Diane s, USA >>


    We are established professional guides.
    We take our job seriously.
    There are over 100 glowing TripAdvisor shout-outs to prove it!


    Your 8hour customized tour of Mexico City is private. This means you don't share the tour with anyone else.

    • Total for 1-4 person group =  US$339 
    • Total for 5-7 person group = Total US$415 
    • If you have a larger group, we can accomodate you! Please just write in and let us know how many people will be coming on tour, so we can send you a quote.

    *Prices are in US dollars & don't include tax. Should you wish to tip your guide, this is  commonly acccepted as appropriate hospitality etiquette in Mexico.


    About us, our clients, common questions, and some travel tips for you.

    1. We are a LGBTI friendly company.

    We are a LGBTI  friendly company. Every sexual, religious, or political orientation is welcome on tour with us. We only work with tour guides who naturally relate well to new people and different lifestyles.. Our guides are openminded, cosmopolitan people, who know that colour and diversity make the world a better place!

    gay friendly tours of mexico city

    Clients Mario & Patrick - what can we say.....we LOVE your style!

    2. Check out our partner hotel list. It is drawn from three years of feedback from Stylewalk clients.

    Where you stay in Mexico City can make a HUGE difference to your stay.  Many people think the Frida Kahlo neighbourhood of Coyoacan is the epi-center of CDMX. Logistically speaking, nothing could be further from the truth!  We have partnered with the bnbs and hotels that our tour guests consider to be fantastic Mexico City accomodation options - be it for mid or upscale budgets.

    .3.  We don't accept any third party commissions from any restaurants or shops. 

    We are travellers too and have been on tours in foreign parts of the world where it is obvious that the guide in cohoots with a shop or restaurant for tourist patronage. The experience is horrid. We don't want to be on tours like that so accordingly we only work with guides who are 100% free of shams and paybacks . Read more here...

    4. Giving back. Being socially responsible is built into Stylewalk's business model.

    Aside from directly supporting the best local Mexican businesses, a percentage of your tour payment goes directly to sustainable development projects. Read more here...

    5. FAQs: essential travel tips & common questions for new visitors to Mexico City!

    Have questions about currency, airport pick up/drop off, tour refunds or safety in Mexico City. Check our common visitor FAQs.


    Mexico City is NOT like other cosmopolitan cities, where downtown is the most upmarket and vibrant place to be. The main luxury hotels are located along Reforma Avenue, stretching from the Polanco area to Colonia Cuauhtémoc.

    If you are not sure if your hotel is located within our pick-up limits, please just ask us!


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    We spent 8 hours with Cesar touring Frida Kahlo's house/museum, Diego and Frida's studios, and Xochimilco. We were thoroughly impressed with Cesar's knowledge of Mexican politics, history, and art. He really enriched our visit to Mexico City.

    We had a free day in Mexico City prior to the start of a tour and decided to book a private tour with Stylewalk MX based upon reviews on Trip Advisor. We were not disappointed! We arranged the tour with Laura who was most understanding regarding some of our special needs. She was a delight to work with. Our tour guide for the day was Javier who was excellent. We thoroughly enjoyed the day visiting Casa Azul (Frida Khalo museum), an open market, the Coyoacan neighborhood and the Centro Historico district. Javier was most knowledgeable and provided us with the history of the areas we visited as well as introducing us to sights, sounds and tastes of modern life in Mexico City. The tour was a delightful introduction to Mexico City by someone who clearly knows and loves the city. We would definitely tour with Laura and Javier again.

    We spent the day in the Centro Historico (where one could actually spend 3 days and not see all the terrific sites) then ended the day by driving to the awe-inspiring Basilica de la Virgen De Guadelupe.. Javier was a terrific safe driver, spoke English beautifully and had a great sense of humor. He also chose some fabulous street vendors for tacos and other treats during each of the days. My wife and I have traveled extensively but have generally been shy about eating street food in some countries but his selections were incredibly good and the food was simple but fresh, tasty and overall awesome. Javier was everything we could have wanted in a guide.