1. Check out our partner hotel list. It is drawn from four years of direct feedback from our personal tour clients.

Where you stay in Mexico City can make a HUGE difference to your stay.  Many people think the Frida Kahlo neighbourhood of Coyoacan is the epi-center of CDMX. Logistically speaking, nothing could be further from the truth!  We have partnered with the bnbs and hotels that our tour guests consider to be fantastic Mexico City accomodation options - be it for mid or upscale budgets.

2. Gay marriage is legal in CDMX. 
(And it goes without saying, we are a LGBTTI friendly company. )

We are a LGBTI  friendly company. Every sexual, religious, or political orientation is welcome on tour with us. We only work with tour guides who naturally relate well to new people and different lifestyles.. Our guides are openminded, cosmopolitan people, who know that colour and diversity make the world a better place!

glbti mexico city

3.  Stylewalk does NOT accept any third party commissions from any restaurants or shops.  BEWARE, however, many companies do..

We are travellers too and have been on tours in foreign parts of the world where it is obvious that the guide in cohoots with a shop or restaurant for tourist patronage. The experience is horrid. We don't want to be on tours like that so accordingly we only work with guides who are 100% free of shams and paybacks . Read more here...

4. Giving back. Being socially responsible is built into Stylewalk's business model.

Aside from directly supporting the best local Mexican businesses, a percentage of your tour payment goes directly to sustainable development projects.  and  a local legal movement dedicated to stamping out corruption in government. 

5. FAQs: essential travel & safety tips

Have questions about estimating traffic travel times, currency, airport pick up/drop off, tour refunds or safety in Mexico City???   Check our common visitor FAQs.

6. The weather is not quite what you might imagine! 

It rains a lot. The altitude in Mexico City  is 2,259 metres/7,411 feet! Think a little higher than Kabul, Afghanistan and you'll get the picture....

Check the  annual weather chart for Mexico City !