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Have a layover in Mexico City? Get out & about safely & smoothly!

Have a layover in Mexico City?
Let us show you the best of city safely.
We'll pick you up from the airport, and drop back you in time to smoothly & calmly check-in & fly-out again. 

Don't stay holed up in the airport when you are in one of the most colorful, delicious, and well-loved cities in the world! Choose from either central city highlights, or visit the Pyramids with your own guide & driver.

best layover tour mexico city

Many people stay in the airport because they are too afraid to leave.
Now there's no excuses.
We are your passport to safely see a snapshot of the city, with complete peace of mind and personal security.

We give you on the ground advice and options.
You decide what to see. 


Get out to the floating gardens and be serenaded by Mariachi on surreally colorful boats. 

best layover tour mexico city

You can choose what you see!  This group opted for a Mariachi serenade at Xochimilco.

Take in the historic wonders of the Zocalo, where eight Aztec Empires visually rub shoulders with Catholicism, colonial architecture, Diego Rivera works, and modern-day life.

diego frida mexico city tour
best of centro layover tour mexico city

Head to the traditional neighborhood of Frida and Diego, or see prime architecture.

frida diego tours mexico city
layover tour mexico city

Be expertly guided through a Mexican market and check out the incredible range of culinary ingredients, artisanal wares, and traditional foods sold in the ancient 'tiangui' style of commerce.

layover tour mexico city

We have a range of itinerary options for you, including a compact and concise overview of the Pyramids.

mexico city pyramids
pyramids in mexico guide javier with happy clients
excellent guide la roma walking tour

We had a great experience with Laura on our stopover. She tailored a 3 hour tour to suit our interest, and provided us with a taste of the culture we would never have found on our own. We highly recommend touring with stylewalk mx, and we cannot wait to come back and tour with her again. Mr & Mrs T.

Alberta Machinist


Cesar,Javier, and 'the Santiagos' are great at showing you Mexican daily life, as well as offering approachable cultural & historic insights.

layover tour mexico city guide javier
mexico city private driver

Javier Tapia (right) is our Head of Transport and Cultural Tours. Javier is a professional licensed guide (officially authorized by the Mexican Government) and has been working as a tour guide in his hometown of Mexico City for over 20 years. He has a really great attitude, his tours always have great flow and he is highly respected in the tour community as the Treasurer of the Tourist Guides Union.

When Javier is not on tour, he is found out walking his SIX (!) dogs, or going for a country cruise on one of his luxury Harley Davidsons (yes, like all fanatics,  he collects  them!)

car service mexico city

César Tapia is Javier Tapia's younger brother. César has been working as a professional licensed guide (officially authorised by the Mexican Government) alongside Javier since 2002.

César is best known for his great sense of humour, his readiness to adapt to any situation, and his deep passion for Mexican history. When he is not on the job, he loves to take his dog for a walk and, like Javier, he has a definite soft spot for taking his cruiser style motorbikes out for a spin in the country.

pyramids in mexico expert guide santiago jnr

Santiago Jnr learned the ropes from his dad, Santiago Guerrero SNR (who also works with us). And frankly there is no better person in the world he could have learned from! Santiago Jnr has over 25 years experience as a guide. He specializes in pre-hispanic and colonial history and is adored by our visitors who have toured with him.

pyramids in mexico expert guide santiago snr

Santiago is our oldest and most experienced guide. Don't let his age fool you. He has the physical and mental stamina of the Energizer bunny. Not that he has anything to prove. If you want get take your time to get more in-depth into local history, or you are traveling with a family that takes things slowly, Santiago adjusts to you. Santiago loves meeting new people and he loves his city, so being a guide is the perfect job for him. It's just as well he discovered that so early on in life. We think it's kept him in great shape!

All our guides professional licensed guides (officially authorized by the Mexican Government) Both have over 18 years experience working as a tour guides in Mexico City. They are punctual, conscious of your needs, street smart and full of knowledge.


Our prices do not include entrance fees (with the exception of the pyramids tour) because different visitors have different ideas about what's the best way to use their precious time, so we don't believe in embedding preset choices or tickets into the tour cost.

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AIRPORT - CITY - AIRPORT  (up to 7.5 hours roundtrip)
1-3people US$616
4-6 people US$ 724
7-10people US$833

(up to 7.5 hours roundtrip)
1-3people US$672
4-6 people US$ 796
7-10people US$925

*Prices are in US dollars & don't include tax.

Prices do not include any food , drink, or spontaneous shopping purchases you make during your tour!

We recommend contacting your bank BEFORE trying to book, because many overseas banks frequently have an automated block, or high alert, for any payments linked to Mexico. 

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Yes. But we don't recommend a 1am-7am layover tour. You are best trying to get some sleep.

Evenings are an option too.

Try some mezcal in a traditional cantina.

Discover the crazy clash of colonial and prehispanic history by exploring historic exteriors. 

Delve deep into Mexican cuisine at the best restaurants on Mexico City's equivalent of 5th Avenue.

layover tour mexico city

My daughter and I had a 5 hour stopover on the way to Cuba. Laura customized our tour to fit our timeframe and budget. Javier was punctual, professional, and attentive. We were very comfortable with him and highly recommend using StyleWalk to experience Mexico City.


Luggage, timing, and logistics. We iron out all the creases

Before your arrival our Tour Coordinator checks (and double-checks) your flight information, so that we time your pick-up, tour length, and outbound check-in perfectly.

So onto the logistics. The macro view. The things that matter!
In planning your layover tour, our primary aims are punctuality, efficiency, and pleasure. We design the flow so that you have a great time, you know you are safe
hands, the city comes alive for you, and that a calm smooth check-in back at the airport is kept foremost in our minds.

We allow a full three hours for you to check-in for your onward flight and to complete immigration procedures. This means we have you and your luggage calmly back at the airport with three hours to spare before your flight out.

Your guide-driver waits for you at the Internationals Arrival Gate with a sign with your name on it. Our Tour Coordinator will have already sent you your guide's photo, name ,and phone number anyway. The guide arrives early and knows to wait for you until you emerge. They understand that times for clearing customs ,immigration and collecting baggage can vary.

We allow a full three hours for you to check-in for your onward flight and to complete immigration procedures. This means we have you and your luggage calmly back at the airport with three hours to spare BEFORE your DEPARTURE flight out.

mexico city layover tour

Some guests like to check in their luggage for their onward flight - this depends on your particular airline's rules too, of course.. Some people prefer to collect their luggage and take it with them in their vehicle. We offer you both options.

We tailor the itinerary according to the time of day that your layover falls on. 

meet the director laura ainscough director stylewalk Mexico city

Dear Ann, it was a pleasure to help out! Having a layover in Mexico City is not an easy thing for a first-timer here, so I am so delighted that this way you got to see a snapshot of what Mexico City is before being whisked back to your plane Ann! Being punctual is essential because it means our clients can relax.
Safe onward travels and kind regards,



Risking losing your flight, or getting anxious or flustered to save a few dollars is NOT worth it however.  

Conclusion: Don't take risks.
Do take care of your personal safety.

Being stuck in traffic or trying to navigate a very chaotic & unsystematic public transport is a nightmare. Not to mention, very very difficult if you have no data or language skills.

Our professional guides have YOUR interests at heart and will ensure your precious hours become an upbeat, memorable experience. It's worth calmly arriving in time for your flight for, and its worth the upgrade!


Our professional guides take their job seriously. There are over 200 glowing TripAdvisor shout-outs to prove it!

see the stylewalk reviews on tripadvisor


Your booking is reserved via our secure online booking platform. Here's what to expect...

  • Click on the orange booking button.
  • Identify which tour slots are available in our live bookings calendar. 
  • Reserve your preferred time/day with our secure online payment gateway.
  • Receive an instant booking confirmation!  The tour is 100% yours, and yours alone!
  • The Tour Coordinator will be in touch to talk about your flight times and the options you have for your layover based on the time of day you arrive and how long you will stay for.

If you need to change the day or time of your tour after booking, just let us know!