Mezcal experts, Paco Bernal,,  walks you through this private artisanal mezcal tasting step-by-step, flavor by flavor. 

Mezcal (a.k.a. mescal) is the 'alcohol du jour' in Mexico  New York, and Sydney.... and with good reason.

As an artisanal product of denomination,
mezcal (and its prima materia, agave) has a breathtaking cultural history, a strong bond with terroir, & an astonishing range of tasting notes.

If you are a foodie, then this private 1.5 hour tour in Mexico City is a must!

Experience three distinct boutique production distillations & discover the incredible variety of formats mezcal embodies, through experience, knowledge & flavour!!

Our expert Paco (centre) does not wear a bow tie, but he does know A LOT about mezcal!

This a highly educative mezcal tasting, set in an informal ambience, so you can ask questions, and relax!

excellent guide la roma walking tour

David hosted a mezcal tasting which was excellent. I work in the drinks biz, so it was especially appreciated that the tasting built off my previous experiences. His knowledge was superb. The mescalero/owner of the bar was also amazingly detailed. The overall experience was top-notch.


Your mezcal host Paco is a fabulously knowledgeable and fun person to spend time with!

private mezcal tasting mexico city

Locals expert, Paco Bernal,  is locally known as the Rhodes Scholar of mezcal !

Our local mezcal expert is Paco Bernal - a truly likeable and knowledgeable expert, who is frankly inspirational in his knowledge of mezcal and its traditions. Be it the difference between agave species, tracing a mezcal's flavours to its production or terroir,  or locating the rarest of rare mezcals in Mexico, Paco is like a Rhodes Scholar of mezcal knowledge.  He gained his technical expertise at the helm of Mexico City's very first contemporary mezcal-only bars. Opening its doors in 2002, it was the first to focus on solely artisanal mezcals ( that is to say verified mezcals of denomination with a limited release production, where the end of the bottle signified the end of that unique product). Steadfastly refusing to pander to trends for mezcal cocktails and other forms of mezcal tokenism, it championed a new urban standard for mezcal  purism, which has now become the new benchmark for the elite. 

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Mónica Brockmann, our Mexican food and beverages expert, is a co-host for this mezcal tasting. As Paco does not speak English, either Mónica or Laura help meet & greet, translate, and assist with  onward plans, once the tour is over.  

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Enmascarado - one of the few bottled varieties of mezcal that gets Paco's thumbs up. It is  made from Espadin agave and is produced in Santiago Matatlan, with an earthen oven & copper still.

Arrive as novices, leave as experts!

excellent guide la roma walking tour

Dear Laura, You should know, this mezcal tasting with Paco was so much fun, and so informative. This is something special for us to experience. We so appreciate today’s tasting. I cannot say enough about how great this was!"

Elaine Clayman, USA

Mezcal was once rather ignorantly considered the moonshine of Mexico. Now an artisanal mezcal, 
deriving from a unique 50 litre batch,
will easily fetch US$120 a bottle.


We only offer private tours. This means you don't share your mezcal tasting with others.

  • Total for 2pp group  -  US$180
  • Additional members: US$42pp

*Prices are in US dollars & don't include tax. Should you wish to tip your guide, this is standard hospitality etiquette in Mexico. If you are travelling alone, please contact us about your request.


Your 1 .5hour private mezcal tasting is available at 5pm or 5:30pm Tuesday- Saturday, so it fits perfectly with your dinner plans for the evening!

It takes place in the La Roma/ Condesa neighbourhood, so you can easily catch an Uber or stroll to Mexico City's best restaurants afterwards.


This mini-doco with its ecological approach to enjoying mezcal gets our thumbs up!


You won't find any pompous lectures,or tilted pinkies here!
Your session is packed with factual info, local etiquette, and vignettes, but is informal in tone & atmosphere.

Hosts Paco and David (left) with Vblogger Team 'The Way Away'.

Just like mezcal itself, we prefer things be palatable, refreshing, and approachable.

This tasting is informal in style but solid in facts, technical information, tasting notes and vignettes!  Your time is spent learning about the ways in which mezcal is produced, and linking this to actual differences that you can taste immediately in the variety of flavours present in the three single batch mezcals you sample.  
Many people who have taken this tour, have tried mezcal before, but were incredibly surprised at how little they knew about the range of notes, cactus types, and forms of production there are!!  This tasting brought their level of knowledge and understanding  to an all time high. Like wine, connecting tastes to first hand experience is essential.

excellent guide la roma walking tour

Laura arranged a Mezcal tasting at a small local bar that was the grand finale of a wonderful tour.


The essential facts!

  • This is a private mezcal tasting session
  • Duration: 1- 1.5 hours, depending on the questions you ask and what this evokes in the raconteur!
  • Try 3 artisanal mezcals of denomination first-hand
  • Learn about the various species of cactus used for mezcal
  • Learn about the variation in tasting notes (it's a complete myth that all mezcals are smoky!)
  • Discover how fermentation, production & distillation affect the taste of mezcal.
  • What's the alcohol proof of mezcal? Find out!
  • Be educated in mezcal drinking etiquette so you look like a local!

excellent guide la roma walking tour

We tried different kinds of Mezcal and learned about them, a great experience!