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Planning your accommodation in Mexico City?
After 5 consecutive years of feedback from tour guests, this is our definitive list of hotels & boutique bnbs. We know our guests have LOVED staying here and we take their opinions seriously! 

For style AND service, we strongly recommend the boutique hotel options of: #HotelesdeBarrio!

stylewalk favourite Hotels mexico cityhttp://theredtreehouse.com/ great boutique bnb mexico city tours with stylewalk mx

Owners, Jorge and Craig, have kept this bnb top of the pops for SO MANY years that it has become an iconic benchmark in hospitality and affection. The vibe is artistic, cultured, and down-to-earth and there is strong GLBTi edge to their clientele .  Their nightly Happy Hour for guests is convivial and tasteful. And they even have their own doctor. Alex and Victor's team of whippersnappers run The Red Tree  front desk 24/7. They are friendly, helpful, and exceptionally up-to-date on everything!

Patio 77 owners, Diego and Alan, really know about design AND hospitality. This modern and noble renovation of a colonial mansion is the masterpiece of Alan Favero -Interiors  Genius & Head Curator at Taller Luum . (We assure you it is enough to make Kelly Wearstler weep in cosmopolitan envy).  The friendly, personalized atmosphere gives it the feel of a home away from home, BUT the services  and attention to detail are  5 star hotel. Au fait....ils parlent français magniquement !!


Casa Comtesse is a supremely elegant renovation of clean, modern 40's mansion. We love the fact it is close to public transport, but is still very quiet. Owner Thomas Flechel, and head of Front Desk, Alexander, like to serve mezcal as a welcome for their guests and have an extensive Mexican art collection on display at the house, as well as special in-house gallery events.

Casa Goliana is a very discreet, brilliantly located, boutique hotel with excellent concierge services. The hotel resides within a gorgeous , light-filled colonial mansion which means there are just a handful exclusive suites on offer here. Their staff really do pay attention to your every need , which, in a complicated city like this, makes a world of difference to your stay .

Andrea, and her French husband William, opened this beautiful renovation of a colonial home  with the help of the famous starchitect & interior design team :Chic-by-Accident and Ludwig Godefroy. if design touches matter to you then do check out Casa Dovela. It is quiet, and sumptuous. Bien sûr, ils parlent français aussi!!

Las Alcobas is one of the few boutique hotels offering truly 5 star service and stupendously divine interior design. Concierges Leo and Aron are young stars, who are forward thinking and never run out of energy . As a step away from the larger hotels  guests are always well-travelled and cosmopolitan

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Then there's the Big Players....

Four Seasons' chef concierge, Agnes Ignacio, runs a beautifully attentive 24hour concierge team.  Speak to Sergio ,Julio, Rafael, and Javier about how best to organise your stay. Four Seasons has successfully captured a market of international weekenders because of their ability to jump queues and get your name on the list of the top 'sorry-we-are-always-booked-out ' restaurants and clubs.

http://theredtreehouse.com/ great boutique bnb mexico city tours with stylewalk mx

Arturo Ortiz is knows his stuff. A truly chivalrous and hardworking gentleman, not only is he is the St Regis Chef Concierge, but he is also the Chef Concierge for the entire Latin America region! 

 The Hyatt Regency is a favourite for tour guests who are morning runners. They can simply cross the road and voila, they are at Chapultepec Park - perfect for breathing fresh air and jogging without worrying about traffic.

hotels that stylewalk loves in mexico city habita group

Just a 10 minute taxi ride from the Condesa DF Hotel,  guests slide from the luxurious European-style breakfast buffet to our Design Statement tour in a heartbeat. Though there is a famous rooftop bar here, our clients tell us that good sound proofing means this does not keep guests awake!