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Mexico City Bars are famous worldwide,  Make sure you get to the right ones!

The mixology, speakeasy & bar scene in Mexico City is driving some serious world-class attention. Be it Travel + Leisure, Conde Nast or the New York Times - all are raving about the new wave of style and presence.

This is your chance to be transported to Mexico City's most sleek & intelligent bars,  to chat and live it up, without the worry of stumbling into the wrong street at the wrong time. 

This 4 hour tour is hosted by an industry expert, who secures your entry to three wow-factor bars that showcase the gourmet, cosmopolitan pulse of the city.

Mexico City Bars best of speakeasy mezcal

Be safe. But don't be boring!
We open up Mexico City's  most stylish and interesting nightlife.... 
From the inside, with an insider. 

bar concierge

Thanks to The Happening for the awesome photo!

Kind of like having your an instant personal concierge & confidante in Mexico City. 
You'll be taken to the best hidden bars, cool salons and speakeasies,  order the right thing, & be a part of the crowd, 
within the minutes. 

mexico city bars mezcal mixology cocktails tour private guide
Mexico City Bars client review mezcal speakeasys clubs

Jocan was outstanding. You picked the right guy for the job!

Justin S


Your host is Jocan Deka. Mexico City's Boilerroom DJ &  nightlife guru!

mexico city bars mezcal mixology cocktails tour private guide

Our nightlife expert Jocan Deka takes you straight to the pulse of Mexico City Bars

Our nightlife expert is Jocan Deka. Jocan is best known as a Mexico City Boilerroom DJ, the global branded music event showcasing the vanguard of underground electronic music .  

Jocan maintains his weekly residencies with the core crew of nightclub promotos, so he is a comfortable expert in both the hipster bar scene and lesser known nightlife hotspots.  This key to the tour, because he is always on top of what is new and happening in the city. Be it who has an award-winning mixologist, where to find a mezcal bar with no signs or advertising, or which clubs are on the rise, which ones are on their way out (and why).

mexico city bars guide boilerroom dj jocan deka

Jocan - a regular BPM guest at Playa del Carmen. Here he is at YAM, Acapulco.

mexico city bars guide

Jocan (centre) with guests, on tour.

mexico city bars dj jocan deka

During the day Jocan produces music for electronica label, Zentral Rebel, and. works independently as a tattoo artist.  What we are trying to say is: they guy is a champion. You can talk to him about ANYTHING!

Jocan was awesome. You've totally got the right guy for the job!

Justin S - Boxer Property Management -Texas

mexico city bars mezcal mixology cocktails tour private guide

DON'T accidently end up on the wrong side of town. DO get straight to Mexico City's cosmopolitan nocturnal pulse.

mexico city bars eat great tacos too

Between bar stops we stop at the yummiest of late night Mexican street food stalls to fuel up and keep up the pace!


This tour is private. It's just Jocan, you, and your friends.

Total for group of 1-5 people = US$237
Total for group 6-10 = US$391 (2 guides)

*Prices are in US dollars and don't include tax.

The bill at each tipples location and for Uber trips that enable bar hopping are the responsibility of the tour guest.
This is the only way we can guarantee you will not locked in stupid welcome cocktails or fixed itineraries. The key here is the tour is flexible according to your tastes and wishes.. 

(And we DON'T really need to say this, but we will anyway....Our guides are super respectful of your hospitality too, and will not be tossing back Bollinger Rosé or Tepaztate Mezcal - unless you invite them to do that!!) 

mexico city bars mezcal mixology cocktails tour private guide


This is a private 4 hour tour which starts at 8pm & finishes at midnight. 

Available Wednesday - Saturday

We had a great time. Jocan was super easy to talk to and the places we went to  were really off the radar. Great interiors. Lots of good people. And style!

Brian Sherman  - Sony Music Entertainment


Hanky Panky is a good example of an underground bar that was exceptional before diehard coolhunters had even invented the word 'hipster'.



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mexico city bars - underground & dive

From the exotic, to the local, we've got you covered.

Mexico City is like Melbourne, Montreal, or Hong Kong. It likes hidden bars that haven't become famous yet.
It also takes A LOT of pride in its mixology scene. And its interiors. There is very good reason that three of the Best Bars of the World (2017) are located in Mexico City.
We promise we WON'T be taking you to those bars however!! That would be too easy. And you can find your way there on your own. 
No, instead we will be taking you to the hotspots that our best bartenders escape to n their night off. The bars that are the rising stars of the neighbourhood,, but don;'t yet have articles about them in Esquire, Robb Report or Travel + Leisure.

We mix up the program with our favourite tacos & pub snacks so you can pace yourself over the evening.

We usually get to a minimum of three bars within the 4 hour tour time. We like to mix up the style of bar we go to, so if you have a special request or genre lets us know. it's a private tour so Jocan is there for you and anly you!

For a bar to get on our list it has to have a) iawesome decor with great mixologists OR b) be an-off-the-radar-best-of-its-kind dive bar, OR  c) a  speakeasy with style OR d) a purist's mezcal joint.

mexico city bars - we say NO to neon backpacker get drunk pubs

We really don't need to say this, but just to be clear....
We say NO to NEON, sports bars or anything with a 24hour TV screen. 


A great night out needs to have some elements of spontaneity & go-with-the-flow, but here's the basic guideline to get to you started.

1) Meet Jocan at the meeting point in the vibrant cosmopolitan La Condesa neighbourhood.

2)  Walk to the first bar of the night

3) Grab some off the wall top notch unusual Mexican  ready to go food

4) Uber it to the next bar. Time is precious!

5) Grab something to eat if you wish.

6)Uber it to thenext secret watering hole.

7) If there's time for a fourth stop, let's squeeze it in!
If not, Jocan makes sure you are safe in your Uber heading to your onward destination.

mexico city bars with jocan deka mezcal tequila speakeasys beer
mexico city bars mezcal mixology cocktails tour private guide


We are established professional guides. We take our job seriously.
There are over 140 glowing TripAdvisor reviews to prove it!


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Nightlife Auteur - Stylish Bars Tour
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 1 reviews
by JRS Houston on Nightlife Auteur - Stylish Bars Tour

We had (another) wonderful experience bar and restaurant hopping in La Roma. Jocan knows some incredible places and was able to read the vibe of the group and point us in the right direction - I guess it's the professional DJ in him! I have gone out lots of times in Mexico City, but it's so different with an insider who knows where to go. Having Jocan with us also eliminated the need to constantly check the map, discuss where to go next, and worry about group logistics. If you are going out with some friends for an evening on the town, and you want to hit some cool spots, having Jocan as part of your crew is the right move!