Stylewalk MX was founded by New Zealander, Laura Ainscough, who happened to stop by Mexico City for a holiday in 2012 and soon fell deeply in love with the lesser known pockets of Mexico City, that she and her guides take you to today.

In many senses, Laura and her love affair with Mexico City were a fait accompli. Having already spent 5 years on the ground in Ecuador, Laura was at home with the Spanish language and quickly became ensconced in the fabric of the art, design & culture scene in México.  

director laura ainscough

Laura spent her first year in México working as an Architectural Journalist at the prestigious, emergent architectural office Slot Studios (a.k.a the winners of the Mexican Pavilion for the World Expo Shanghai). This unusual entry into local Mexican culture armed Laura with a distinct conceptual map for reading the amazing melange of architectural  & social history that you see on the street today.

Director Stylewalk MX Laura Ainscough Mexico City

Happy to drink martinis with Mexico's well-heeled society, but also found dancing in sneakers  at Mexico City's underground dance venues, Laura's eclectic social networks give her Mexican urban tours a one-of-a-kind insider-edge.  She has unique radar for identifying people and experiences that have the magic touch. It's the powerhouse for the personalised selection of urban experiences on offer today and precisely why Stylewalk is your NOT your usual polyurethane-coated double-decker bus-trip.  And yes, now that she is a certified Master of Mezcal, we wait with baited breath to see where her implicit joie de vivre will take her and Stylewalk next!

Laura's aim is for you to know and love the Mexico City that she loves. The creation of Stylewalk MX in 2014 [ that is to say long before Airbnb was a searchword 🙂 ] was truly a leader in its  category - simply by offering visitors safe access to authentic, niche parts of the city, that had previously never even been highlighted.
Her message is simple. Enjoy, learn, and have fun! xx L