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Centro Histórico is your core introduction tour to Mexico City. The Aztecs, the Conquistadors, Diego Rivera, and eclectic Neo-colonial & Deco architecture start here! 

Your first time in Mexico City?
Start it right with an intelligent guided introduction.

This is the safest, most relaxing way to explore the must-see cultural & historic highlights of the historic center of Mexico City.

In this compact 5hour round-trip tour of Centro Histórico and The Zocalo, you'll learn about México City's incredible history and how it affects its people today.

With a private guide & chauffeured hotel pick-up/drop-off, the maze of Mexico City simply couldn't be easier!!

Think of this tour as your passport to becoming a literate, informed visitor to Mexico City (whilst you metaphorically have your nails painted!) 

excellent guide la roma walking tour

Javier was most knowledgeable and provided us with the history of the areas we visited as well as introducing us to sights, sounds and tastes of modern life in Mexico City. The tour was a delightful introduction to Mexico City by someone who clearly knows and loves the city.


Our cultural & historic guides are licensed, knowledgeable, and have personality!

Our Javier, Cesar and Gabriel each have over 20 years experience guiding in Mexico City. They have personality. They are NOT cardboard cut-out guides delivering robot speeches. They know their job is to give you solid information on anything and everything that interests you, be it a random question about why there are so many organ grinders in Centro Histórico, or whether the Aztecs ever met the Mayans, BUT they also know that people don't want to be talked at all day long!  That is to say, the overall flow and feeling of the tour is as important as the number of facts you acquire.

Javier and clients pause for Mexican style hot chocolate.

Our guides understand that giving you the chance to pause, and observe, and absorb are important too. That's why they are on the Stylewalk MX team.
Anyone can churn out facts, but these guys are cool. They are real people, with real lives. They love their city, but they are not in love with the sound of their own voices! They are flexible to YOUR needs. The focus is YOU and YOUR experience. We call it being professional. You would call it relaxing, informative, and fun.

Javier has over twenty years experience as a professional cultural & historic guide. He is up-to-date on new research & discoveries.

Javier Tapia is  our Head of Transport and Cultural Tours. Javier is a professional licensed guide (officially authorised by the Mexican Government) and has been working as a tour guide in his hometown of Mexico City for over 20 years. He has a really great attitude, his tours always have great flow and he is highly respected in the tour community as the Treasurer of the Tourist Guides Union, located in Centro Histórico Mexico City.

When Javier is not on tour, he is found out walking his SIX (!) dogs, or going for a country cruise on one of his luxury Harley Davidsons (yes, like all fanatics,  he collects  them!)>

Cesar has been working as a licensed guide since 2002. He is the master of making any tour flow smoothly.

César Tapia is Javier Tapia's younger brother.  César has been working as a professional licensed guide (officially authorised by the Mexican Government) alongside Javier since 2002.

César is best known for his great sense of humour, his readiness to adapt to any situation, and his deep passion for Mexican history.  When he is not on the job, he loves to take his dog for a walk and, like Javier, he has a definite soft spot for taking his cruiser style motorbikes out for a spin in the country.

We don't lecture,
but you will come out A LOT smarter!

mexico city centro culture & history guide mexico city private tours

Our visitors love Santiago SNR for his winning combo of personality and knowledge.

Santiago is our oldest and most experienced guide. Don't let his age fool you. He has the physical and mental stamina of the Energizer bunny. Not that he has anything to prove. If you want get take your time to get more in-depth into local history, or you are travelling with a family that takes things slowly, Santiago adjusts to you. Santiago loves meeting new people and he loves his city, so being a guide is the perfect job for him. It's just as well he discovered that so early on in life. We think it's kept him in great shape!

mexico city center with a private guide

 Santiago is particularly loved by our GLBTi visitors, who like his  professionalism and non-judgement.

Yup, you guessed it! Santiago Jnr learned the ropes from his dad, Santiago Guerrero (see above), and frankly there is no better person in the world he could have learned from! Santiago Jnr has over 25 years experience as a guide. He specializes in pre-hispanic and colonial history and is adored by our visitors who have toured with him.

No maps, no taxis, no language problems! Seeing the historic center of Mexico City is easy with a private guide. 

Centro Histórico must see

Your guide can help you order a the right drink at the famous La Opera Cafe

excellent guide la roma walking tour

Javier was everything we could have wanted in a guide.

Sandra S, New York,  USA


This is a private 5 hour tour focuses on the must-see highlights of the Zocalo Mexico City, Cathedral, National Palace and its surrounds . It is 100% private. You don't share your tour with anyone else. 

Total for a 1 - 4 person group = US $299

Total for a 5 - 7 person group = US $398

Total for a 8 -11  person group = US $489

Prices are in US dollars and don't include tax.

satisfaction guaranteed

mexico city must see

Prehispanic meets Deco in Centro HIstórico. Architecture & design buffs will love this!

mexico city national palace private guide

Discover the cornerstones of Mexico City's pre-hispanic and colonial history in one compact session.  Centro Histórico Mexico City has all of these things in one compact area!

if you want to include Mexican crafts, let us know!


Be securely guided through the most important channels of Mexican history and culture. Safely and intelligently.

 Great anthropological artefacts and architecture can be found in Centro Historico.

mexico city templo mayor

Most visitors to Mexico City find Centro Histórico the perfect way to understand the massive realms of colonial and prehispanic history that make the city what it is today. We are so fortunate that downtown Mexico City offers us a fabulous collection of culturally and historic significant sites concentrated in one compact area. These are easily accessed on foot and provide us with the perfect overview of Mexico's fascinating and multi-layered past.

We have spent alot of time designing our 5 hour tour of Centro Histórico as the perfect hosted introduction to Mexico City. You'll see the most important buildings and archeological sites with educated insight and relaxed poise. The Aztecs, Conquisatdors, the Mixtecas, Diego Rivera murals and neo-colonial & deco architecture are all found here!

With this tour, you'll  have the comfort and security of your hotel or Airbnb pick-up and drop-off in luxury private transport, so that every step of the way is 100% taken care of!

mexico city zocalo drinks lunch

Stop for tried 'n tested snacks & drinks whenever you want!

mexico cathedral lunch time

Diego Rivera's history of Mexico unfolds in this Centro Historico stairwell.

The Cathedral, The Zocalo, The National Palace, Bellas Artes Palace and the UNESCO Templo Mayor archeological site are the visually fabulous.
Once you know their stories, then you'll really fall in love with Mexico City!

We have spent alot of time designing our 5 hour tour of Centro Histórico as the perfect hosted introduction to Mexico City. You'll see the most important buildings and archeological sites with educated insight and relaxed poise. The Aztecs, Conquisatdors, the Mixtecas, Diego Rivera murals and neo-colonial & deco architecture are all found here!

With this tour, you'll  have the comfort and security of your hotel or Airbnb pick-up and drop-off in luxury private transport, so that every step of the way is 100% taken care of!

mexico city must see

With the Spanish Conquerors came Catholicism.

A shaman cleansing, anyone?
Yup, you're not in Kansas anymore Toto....

excellent guide la roma walking tour

(Our guide's) passion for Mexican culture and history was so contagious. He brought buildings and murals alive for us as we toured places like the Catedral Metropolitana and the Palacio Nacional de Mexico.
He also walked us through the city streets, discussing the history and cultural influences of buildings and streets through the eyes of a person who has experienced much of the changing political and social climate.....


Centro Histórico is a treasure trove, but Mexico City is a little complex.....

What you need to know about downtown Mexico City is that it is hectic and full of people! BUT you HAVE TO see it. It's a fact. If you don't see the seat of the 8 Aztec empires for yourself, you'll only get half the picture. No matter where you go you'll be missing the wikipedia that sits behind the why and how of everything.  
If you have help, you will be able to see downtown as the very blueprint where  most of Mexico's Conquistador history took place.  This is the tour to OPEN your eyes as to how Mexico was formed as a country and a nation.  

mexico city Zocalo detail

Detail of a 17 century colonial interior.

So getting back to that hectic thing. There are many things we recommend you do on your own in Mexico City. Seeing downtown without a guide is NOT one of them. Your guide helps the importance of these cultural sites come alive.  And importantly, your guide makes things calm, they help you navigate your way through the masses, they find an appropriate place to talk to explain what you are seeing, and they ensure you are safe, and well taken care of. 

excellent guide la roma walking tour

We did 2 days of tours with Cesar and we had a great time. He arrived at our location early and gave us a lot of information before even arriving to each destination without being overwhelming (as many guides can be at times).


  • Hotel pick-up* in luxury transport
  • Your guide-driver checks in with you about what you may have already seen in Centro and asks if you have any new requests.
  • Your chance to get some great photos and learn about sites such as the Cathedral, The Zocalo Plaza, The National Palace, and the Templo Mayor. 
  • Ask Q's, be curious about anything, learn some expert history and culture in an easy-going, approachable way.
  • Stop for photos, a coffee break, tacos, a cold beer, whenever you want!
  • Hotel drop-off in luxury transport.

Hotel pick-up & drop-off applies to all main hotel & Air Bnbs in the central neighbourhoods of Roma, Juarez, Cuauhtémoc, Condesa, Polanco, and Centro. If you are outside of these areas, please advise us.

mexico city zocalo history culture rivera prehispanic

Discover the hidden riches with your private guide. 

We do not include museum tickets or entrance fees in our tour prices so that you are NOT obliged to see any attractions in particular.
We respect your time & your preferences.


We are established professional guides.
We take our job seriously.
There are over 100 glowing TripAdvisor shout-outs to prove it!


Your booking is reserved via our secure online booking platform.
Here's what to expect...

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  • Remember these are private tours. Once you book a timeslot, the tours is yours and yours alone.
  • Reserve your preferred time/day with our secure online payment gateway.
  • Receive an instant booking confirmation!  Your tour is 100% yours!
  • You'll receive detailed info about your private guide and their mobile number (via email.)
  • The day of your tour, your guide picks you up from your accomodation at the agreed time and you head off together to see the highlights of the historic center of Mexico City.

If you need to change the day or time of your tour after booking, just let us know!