mexico city world design capital 2018 private showcase tour

Mexico City has many hidden pockets of world class design, fashion and arts. Let us show where!

No time to mess around? Get straight to the art + design + architecture heartbeats of Mexico City.

We walk you through the best of Mexico's design hotspots, workshops, pop-ups and industry hubs located in the compact trendsetting neighborhoods of La Roma-Juarez.

This private 3 hour tour is your insider's glimpse into Mexico City’s less-than-obvious & endearingly unpretentious style scene.

La Roma and La Juarez are Mexico City's slightly wacky equivalents of Brooklyn, East London or the Parisian Left bank. They are also a hub for creatives and the new edge of the Mexican cultural vanguard.

Uncover the design pulse of emergent trends in Mexico city - on foot, via our favorite, lesser-known galleries, workshops, design studios and less than obvious interiors. 

world design capital mexico city  studio tour

We send you a checklist of interests and 100% tailor the tour to your responses.

Be it modern expressions of traditional craft, new illumination or appointment only galleries, we  create a private itinerary exclusive to you.

La Roma is not brash or forthcoming. 

That's one of the reasons we love her so much!
It takes time to get to know her. 

Our job is to help you cut to the chase & speed up the process.

design market research multinationals in mexico city

Thanks again for such an amazing experience Laura! We had a blast and everyone is so inspired by the passion and talent of this city.

Serena &  NIKE Design Team - Portland


Stylewalk MX Director, Laura Ainscough, and French-born freelance journalist Camille Coupechoux are long-standing local expats, who love keeping abreast of the latest in MX innovation & inspiration.

Laura - Director Stylewalk MX - CDMX World Design Capital Tours

Director, Laura, has a great radar for the quirky, the unique, and the outstanding. That's how she started the Stylewalk MX !

Stylewalk MX Director, Laura, has a great radar for the quirky, the unique, and the outstanding. That's how she started the company!

She loves the places and people she introduces you to and is well loved in the community. That means you are not a tourist when you are with her, you are a part of her neighbourhood. Having previously worked as an architectural journalist in Mexico City, Laura has the edge on linking history & traditional culture to what we see in modern day Mexico.

Laura‘s awesome outlook on life and extensive network of art and design connections, makes this tour one of a kind. Each of her guests receives an experience unique to their set of interests and outlook.

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Stylewalk MX Director, Laura, has a great radar for the quirky, the unique, and the outstanding. That's how she started the company!

Camille is a classic, fun-loving, global citizen. She’s 30, French, has a Masters in Cultural Communications, and has been living in Mexico City for six years now.

Camille is a strong fan of art & design and makes it her job to stay on top of what is new & emerging here in Mexico City, and across the globe. Before becoming a freelancer, she used to review Mexican art events and pop-ups for La Prensa Francesa.

More recently, she was responsible for a media campaign for a local politician, so she has a good grasp of Mexican current affairs and broader topics too.

In her spare time, Camille loves to check out the latest restaurants, clubs & bars so if you are a foodie, feel free to ask her for some personal recommendations!

mexico city world design capital 3 studio tour

Forget Google maps and Evernote.  You won't see anything if you have your head down following the dots on your phone. 

Put your mobile in your bag, soak up all the tiny details, and let US take to you to our favorite A-list places. 

excellent guide la roma walking tour
Laura's introduction to design in La Roma-Juarez was one of the best walking tours I've had in any city.


Your three hour MX Design ShowcaseTour is private. This means you don't share your tour with anyone else. Your tour is 100% dedicated to you and your interests alone.

Total for 1 person group - US$148
Total for 2 person group - US$158
Total for 3 person group - US$168
Total for 4 person group - US$178
Total for 5 person group - US$188
Total for 6 person group - US$198

* Prices are in US dollars & don't include tax *

mexico design mexico city
excellent guide la roma walking tour
People may wonder whether or not this kind of tour is superfluous and couldn't be done independently....A good analogy might be trying to read Shakespeare entirely on your own or alongside a talented professor. It's better with a guide!


This is a three hour walking tour -with the option to extend your tour, should you wish.

Monday - Saturday : 11:00 & 14:30

Please note: many galleries are shut on Sundays so we close our bookings this day. If you are truly desperate for a Sunday tour, please contact our Tour Coordinator directly.

mexico design Modern minimal interiors

r & D in mexico city
I felt like I was spending the afternoon with a good friend even though I has just met her! Laura took all of my company's interests and planned out a great day full of architecture, interior design, cute local shops and book stores. Overall, had a wonderful day with Laura and wished she could have guided me through my whole stay in Mexico City 🙂


Prior to your tour we send you a wishlist so you can tell us what kinds of things you do and don't want to see.

world design capital mexico city  studio tour

- architecture

- interior design

- art galleries 

- stockroom appointments 

- MX handcrafts:   
(textiles, knick knacks, ceramics, lighting, weaving, embroidery)

- tried n tested food grazing

- MX boutique fashion

- MX jewellery & accessories

- vintage/ antiques & restorations

- street art

- local & MX history

*We don't include food or drink in your tour price so you are not locked into anything prior. Some people like to pause, others like to keep going!

√world design capital mexico city studio tour
excellent guide la roma walking tour
Laura's introduction to design in La Roma-Juarez was one of the best walking tours I've had in any city.


Often referred to as the Soho of Mexico, La Roma is an eclectic mix of colonial history, upbeat bohemia, new money, and the fresh edge of street cool. La Juarez is her  up'n coming sister - already outshining the show.

When the New York Times named Mexico City as THE #1 world travel destination in 2016, they said 'it hit a sweet spot'. Standing in the mass crowds of Centro Histórico, or sweating in the queue at the Frida Kahlo museum, however, you would be forgiven for wondering where on earth that sweet spot is.  Enter the sister suburbs of La Roma & La Juarez. They represent the contemporary face of fresh, loveable, Mexico.

world design capital mexico city studio and atelier tour

We navigate you through a quirky boutiques, chic galleries, street art and old school taco shops.

A vibrant collision of colonial decay, contemporary fashion, underground chic, food obsession, and high-end development, La Roma is Mexico City's hidden treasure.

Mexican design has made  it the global design capital for 2018 

There is a catch though...

It's just not that easy getting to the good stuff. The unique rooftop ateliers, backstreet shops, and boutiques with no signage, are the real pulse of these two neighbourhoods.  People find it hard to believe until they get here.

Then they ask us: How on earth did you find this place??

We love La Roma. We don't want you to miss out on what is essentially a word-of-mouth environment.  Our job is to stay on top of what can't be seen from the street, and who is doing what and where.  Let us do the research for you!


Think of us your personal curators. 

Our job is to filter out the mundane, drab and ubiquitous,
so that you get straight to the best design examples emerging from Mexico City's hottest studios ! 

A one-to-one walking tour with Laura isn't really a tour. It's more like a carefully curated series of experiences allowing you to get inside the design brain of the fresh talent scene emerging in Mexico City.  

We focus on ceramics, fashion & accessories, design objects, art, architecture and interiors. 

Laura is constantly scouting for pop ups and new labels that represent intelligent design, fresh creativity or innovation. In Mexico City, this does NOT always come with hype.  In fact some of the most acclaimed designers keep a very low profile.You would walk straight past their workshops if you didn't know they were there! Unlike LA or London, BUZZ is not central to success in Mexico Many studios rly on word-of-mouth publicity, or export direct, without focusing on shop fronts and local markets.. 

mexico city world design capital 2018 studio tour

If you have a special market research focus or pet obsession let us know! 

You'll have a choice of seeing the latest from contemporary Mexican designers, be it: fashion, ceramics, zines, jewellery, kitchenware, shoes, or accessories.Then there's private art galleries and artists' studios, interiors in restaurants cafes & bars that catch our eye, one-off furniture pieces and newly restored decorative creations made by local interior designers.

It doesn't have to be all hard work of course! If you are a foodie, are happy to for  quesadillas, ceviche, or simply a damn fine portobello sandwich. We don;t say no to, mezcal, espresso, or Baja California wine either...if you don't!. 

Mexico City's savvy, cosmopolitan alter ego does exist! But you won't find it on every corner & street...


We offer you these starting point options for customizing your tour.
What's on your wishlist?

  • modern architecture
  • where people are eating and what
  • interior design trends
  • private art galleries & stockrooms
  • local handcrafts - rugs , textiles, objects
  • MX boutique scale fashion
  • MX jewellery & accessories
  • vintage & antiques - restored objects or colonial dada

*We don't include food or drink in your tour price so you are not locked into anything prior. Some people like to pause, others like to keep going!

La Roma-Juarez is a beautifully compact area of artist ateliers, pop up concept stores, old fashioned Mexican culture & fresh design.  

Oddly enough, not many places have signs or advertising however.  

The most common comment our visitors tell us is: How on earth did you find this place ?!

As I didn't have a huge amount of time in Mexico City I wanted to cut straight to the chase with finding cool interiors/ antiques/ vintage boutiques... Laura is flexible with what she can include in her tours and will cater to you and your interests. I highly recommend her tours.


Once home to Mexico City's aristocratic elite, La Roma and La Juarez have a regal past. Its aging architraves and are now inhabited by refurbished showrooms, basement workshops, and the random speakeasy. 

Once home to Mexico City's aristocratic elite, La Roma and La Juarez have a regal past. Its aging architraves and are now inhabited by refurbished showrooms, basement workshops, and the random speakeasy. 

History happily holds hands with contemporary in La Roma.

La Roma has functioned as a creative hub for writers, intellectuals, artists and musicians since the 1950s. Whilst once the muse of American beat poets, Luis Buñuel, Fidel Castro, and contemporary pianist Michael Nyman, La Roma was originally an elite sanctuary for Mexico’s 19th century political & business players.

This neighbourhood has survived several significant milestones in Mexican history, including the massive 1985 earthquake and a phase in which its name was synonymous with crime, drugs and prostitution. However, like most areas that have experienced a born-again-revival through urban development, La Roma's former periods of social demise are now barely visible.

Named a ‘magic district’ by the Mexican government, La Roma is now home to a new wave of young entrepreneurs, designers & freelancers and nouveau riche, who harmoniously live side by side the mixed demographic local families who have been property owners since year dot.

La Roma is the perfect film set,  where modern life plays out against a Fellini-esque neo-classical backdrop

excellent guide la roma walking tour

What was so impressive is Laura's knowledge of the area regarding the history, architecture, and geography. She is charming and is not afraid to use that charm to have gallery owners open their doors of off hours, get craftsman to discuss their trade or get locals to open their doors to show you their private spaces.

If you want to have an immediate friend in Mexico City who will share their secrets with you, then join Laura for a walk. The conversations, the coffee, food and time spent will be memorable.


world design capital mexico city  studios galleries architecture walking tour

Global coolhunters have named Mexico City the Design Capital for 2018.  

Do a little research and you'll soon find that La Roma and her closest sister, La Juarez, is the heart of Mexican design.

Laura was wonderful. She was able to give us a more intimate experience of understanding Mexico City, La Roma and La Condesa . I would start your trip with her walking tours (we did two!), so as to get your bearings and have recommendations for the rest of your trip.


La Roma and La Juarez sit right next to each other. They are conveniently situated near Mexico City's central city accommodation and bustling restaurant scene.

When you book you'll receive cut n paste directions for Uber, Cabify or Easytaxi app.

When your feet get tired, we stop for tea, espresso, quesadillas, churros, pastries. Whatever takes your fancy!

world design capital mexico city  walking tour studios

We love thoughtful architecture!
Architectural Digest's feature on starchitect Michel Rojkind's Chelsea-style Roma Food Market. For more modern examples, come on tour!

architectural digest rojkind video mexico city tour

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    If you need to change the day or time of your tour after booking, just let us know!

    Just passing by - there's some fabulous ever changing street art in La Roma & La Juarez . It forms a living backdrop for the tour!


    About us, our clients, common questions, and some travel tips for you.

     Locally designed objects & handmade a one-offs acts as our GPS for this tour.

    fun times for families walking tour mexico city

    Laura was a fantastic guide. She was extremely informative and knowledgable. You can get that from multiple guides. What set her apart was here fun attitude and engaging personality. She seamlessly jumped between aiming the information to myself, my wife, and our 14yo son. Truly a great day.




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