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( PS: Get ready! Did you know the acronym for Mexico City is CDMX?)

Being well-prepared sets you up for a great holiday! Learn about Mexico City's crazy weather and pack your bags wisely. It's definitely not like Cancun or Puerto Vallarta around here.


Going to eat at Pujol, Quintonil, Contramar or one of Mexico City's mega-famous restaurants? 
Book now! These are ALWAYS booked out weeks in advance.
Saying you are an international VIP who has come all the way from XXX, will NOT help you!

Going to Frida Kahlo's House?? 
Book NOW. It's a massively popular site. You can't just drop in.
If you want us to book your tickets, we do offer this as part of our Flexi-Mexi Tour services.

Going to the Pyramids?
It will take a day of your schedule. It's not a pop in and pop out sort of affair. 
Plan to come back, have a nap, and then go out for dinner.

Going ANYWHERE in Mexico City?
Leave your flashy Rolex and best jewellery at home.  
Do take photos, but don't walk around with your iPhone in your hand.
Just like The Vatican, Montmartre, or Portobello Road, where there are people, there are thieves.

Packing your shorts?
Think again. Even in summer people don't really wear shorts in Mexico City. Not even blokes.
Perfect for a nightclub, yes.
Out on the street, no. Locals don't do this and you will stand out like a sore thumb.

Flying in or out of Mexico City?
If you are going to or from the airport between 4pm and 8:30pm at night ,expect nightmare traffic. The trip will take you much much longer than WAZE says.
AND if it's a Friday afternoon, forget it.  Sorry, but it may take 2-3 hours just to travel 10 kilometers.

mexico city weather 2
mexico city altitude 2

Mexico City Weather

​Mexico City Altitude

Mexico City Weather Top Tip:
​Top of the list of must-know facts relates to the weather. It's not Cancun or Tulum folks! It may get hot but you should leave your shorts at the beach. You are best to pack for all-seasons-in-one-day in Mexico City. Mexico City weather changes throughout the day. Just like in Vancouver, Paris or Melbourne, pack a light sweater or a scarf for a sudden drop in temperature in the afternoon. My best tip for coping with Mexico City weather? An umbrella serves well for both rain and sun - ALL YEAR ROUND.​

​Check out the >> Mexico City forecast.

Mexico City Altitude Top Tip:
Hey, we ARE high up here! Look:

You may notice feeling out-of-breath during your normal activities. Learn about >> altitude sickness

mexico city time now
mexico city elevation 2

Mexico City Time

Mexico City Elevation

Mexico City ​Time Top Tip:
​Mexico City time operates on Central Standard time.
Mexico City has daylight savings.
​The clock goes 1 hour forward on Sunday April 1, 02:00am, 2018
​and goes back on Sunday ​October 28, 02:00am.

​It gets dark about 8pm in summer time, and about 6:30pm in winter.
Check out the >> time​​ conversion

​Mexico City ​Elevation Top Tip:
​Mexico City is located at a height of ​ 2,250 meters / 7,500 feet.
​​Pollution & elevation are a seriously bad combo. Because we are located in ​a volcanic ring, no wind means ​when there's pollution, it has nowhere to go. ​if you have asthma or are a sensitive type, check out the air quality and consider using a basic surgical mask. 

Check out the UV index too. It's normally VERY HIGH.

mexico city map 2
mexico city population 2

Mexico City Map

Mexico City Population

Mexico City Map Top Tip:
It can be hard to know where to stay in Mexico City.  We don't recommend staying in Centro because at night the zone is very empty and you can't pop out and grab a great RANDOM bite to eat. We also don't recommend Coyoacan because it is far away from the main fresh hotspots hubs like Condesa, Roma, Juarez. it can take forever in a taxi to get from there to the best restaurants. If you want somewhere quiet and suburban however, it will be your perfect cup of tea.

Check out the  interactive map


​Mexico City ​Population Top Tip:
​Yes there's ​8.8 million people in Mexico City, but you'll find the density low.Centro Historico is one of the ​FEW places which is physically SATURATED with people (during the day). Aside from t​hat you are going to love​ the fact there's not actually that many people on the street. Manners are very important and people are very courteous. You won't encounter pushing and shoving, and therefore ​if you do have to squeeze past someone you should always say CON PERMISO.

Tokyo8.946 million
Mexico City8.851 million
New York City8.192 million

The greater population is 21.2 million

We don't want to put you off but ...... we do need to warn you about Mexico City Traffic

Mexico City Map Top Tip:
Mexico City has the worst traffic in the world. 
ie It is  the most traffic congested place in the world.

Bad traffic means your shouldnt believe what Waze or Google maps tell you when your are calculating travel time. Ask your concierge or bnb host.

Drivers dont need to sit a practical driving test to get a license, which means a total lack of road rules and good driving etiquette on the road.  Bad driving behaviour does not help the city's notoriously poor urban planning, which is no doubt why the city has received the global honour of being the worst place in the world for traffic - for three years running. Worse than Manila. Worse than Beijing. 

It is also the reason we strongly recommend a private chauffeur for day tours. Your private driver is invested in taking the very best route for you and is committed to maximizing your day out.  An Uber will simply follow what the sat-nav tells it because, at the end of the day, as long as they are driving  they are earning money.

A final note: NEVER take a pink and white taxi. All the embassies advise AGAINST this and we do too. Use an app like Didi, Beat or Uber. That way your journey is secure and trackable.

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Mexico City Weather & Must-Know Facts
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